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1. Interest, Evaluation & Commissioning

The Fantastic FRED Experience has the ability to serve as an invaluable preventative educational resource in any and every region of the UK.

For NHS CCGs, local authorities, or other public sector providers interested in adopting the Fantastic FRED Experience as part of wider mental health strategies, the initial stage is an in-depth consultation period with you, either face-to-face or virtually, to understand and establish your exact requirements.

This could vary from running initial pilots in a group of cluster schools or cover a percentage or total number of schools in your county. We’ll tailor the breadth of the resource to meet your needs.

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2. Regional Resource Launch & Promotion

Once the Fantastic FRED Experience has been commissioned, we will manage all launch and promotional materials to ensure schools in your region know this key resource is available to book.

Our complete solution includes a promotional website introducing the opportunity and providing schools with the ability to submit their interest or enquiries to the Fantastic FRED bookings team.

Demand from schools for this resource has consistently been extremely high. In Kent, 240 available visit days were completely booked just 8 weeks following launch - with over 100 further visit days requested by schools.

3. School Bookings & Experience Visit Day

The Fantastic FRED Experience is a live, interactive and highly engaging performance delivered inside an immersive mobile classroom.

It enables 6 performances per day, each lasting 30 minutes and serving up to 60 children at a time. There are 2 age-specific versions of the performance for Key Stage 1 and 2.

The entire experience is made seamless and easy for schools by our professional event and logistics management team. This includes an advance visit to agree logistical requirements, all on-the-day set-up and facilitation, and breakdown.

Multiple day visits can also be facilitated for larger or hub schools who are able to host the experience for other schools in the surrounding area.

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Classroom resources imageClassroom resources image

4. Supplementary Resources & Analysis

The Fantastic FRED Experience provides a suite of supportive supplementary resources for schools use prior to and following the live event.

The performances are supported by materials and classroom resources designed to provide a foundation for the core mental health messages to continue being delivered by teachers after the live experience has visited the school.

A school event pack is provided including everything that schools need to know before, during and after the event, as well as classroom worksheets and resources, instructions for engaging parents, notice board and classroom posters, and digital assets.

Parent and guardian pre-event and post-event videos are available to enable schools to inform parents of the resource and increase engagement at home. Each child is also given ‘take-home’ materials as a keepsake and helpful reminder of FRED.

A follow-up survey is undertaken with each school visited to understand how the Fantastic FRED Experience has served their primary children and the educational impact it has had after the visit day.


The fantastic fred experience will provide SCHOOLS WITH:

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See what headteachers are saying!
"Highly enthusiastic presentation alongside the knowledge-rich content."
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"The actors enthralled the children who thought the experience was amazing."

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"We were told by parents that their children went home and spoke about the show."

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"Parents on the gate the next day were talking about the experience and how the children had been informing their parents."
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"My class remembered so many facts and the FRED acronym really stuck in their heads."

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"The children are still talking about FRED and we will be following up with reminders in assembly and PSHE."

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