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Who is this resource for?

This mental health resource has been developed for Primary School aged children, from Reception to Years 1 - 6 (Key Stages 1 and 2).

Who has developed this resource?

This resource has been developed by the NHS in Kent, with assistance from teachers, our children's mental health provider and KCC educational psychologists. Two pilot schools took part in testing the resource concept in February 2019 and feedback was used to further improve the performance and script to make it more relevant to children. These schools also participated in further teacher surveys and pupil evaluation activities in December 2019 to measure the level of impact and recollection of the core campaign messaging.

What does F.R.E.D stand for?

F.R.E.D is an acronym for the four practical ways in which children can look after their own good mental health:

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Eating the right foods
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Getting enough sleep
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Being active
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Managing time on digital devices
What can we expect to happen during the live performance?

Fantastic FRED and the professor will deliver a series of entertaining experiments and demonstrations in an interactive and memorable way. The performance will include facts and examples of why the human body is fantastic and practical tips on how to maintain good mental health. Adapted for both Key Stage 1 and 2 age groups, the performance is suitable for primary school children in Reception and Years 1 to 6.

How many performances will there be during the day?

We plan to deliver up to 6 performances each day and will discuss timings with you in advance of your event.

How many children can see the performance?

The Fantastic FRED Experience offers a ‘whole school approach’ but we can tailor the event for the needs of your school.

For schools with over 260 pupils, the event will be delivered in your school hall or a large classroom. We arrive with our equipment and stage that can be quickly assembled to deliver the same memorable performance.

For schools with 260 pupils and below, we will visit with our mobile classroom. Up to 45 children can be seated in the mobile classroom to enjoy the immersive Experience.

Is the experience suitable for children with special needs?

The Key Stage 1 level performance is able to be adapted for children with specific learning needs. Please highlight this requirement to the team during the booking process and we'll ensure this is brought to the attention of the events team in advance of our visit.

Is the mobile classroom accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, the mobile classroom provides disabled access via a DDA compliant lift and the floor inside is level for wheelchair users.

What time will access be required to our school on the day?

The event team arrive between 8-8:30am to set up the stage and equipment, to be ready for a quick warm up and rehearsal at 9am.

Will you need access to our school facilities?

Our event crew and performers will need access to toilet facilities in the school.

Can we invite parents to attend the performances too?

The number of performances throughout the day is subject to the number of pupils at each school. We would welcome the chance for parents to also see a performance however this offer would be at the school's discretion due to the organisation required. We would be happy to discuss this with you during the booking process.

What happens if we need to cancel or postpone our booking?

We ask that any cancellations or postponements be made at least 28 days before your booked date. We will do our best to accommodate a new date for you, subject to availability.

Will a risk assessment be required?

A full risk assessment for The Fantastic FRED Experience will be provided by our team prior to your event. In addition to this you must adhere to your own school's policy regarding risk assessment requirements.

Does The Fantastic FRED Experience have its own insurance cover?

Yes, we will provide copies of all insurances including public liability prior to the event.

Are the performers and crew all DBS checked?

Yes, all our performers and crew are professionals and DBS checked.

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See what headteachers are saying!
"Highly enthusiastic presentation alongside the knowledge-rich content."
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"The actors enthralled the children who thought the experience was amazing."

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"We were told by parents that their children went home and spoke about the show."

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"Parents on the gate the next day were talking about the experience and how the children had been informing their parents."
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"My class remembered so many facts and the FRED acronym really stuck in their heads."

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"The children are still talking about FRED and we will be following up with reminders in assembly and PSHE."

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